Coffe Talk.......

Coffee talk.... I don't know about you... But here at Sweet Boutons we are ready to put the dog days of summer behind us & open our windows to the cool, crisp fall breeze. Apple picking, wheat fields, pumpkin pie, and all the trimmings. We have been working hard to roll out a unique shopping experience for you. Now it's time to hear from you!!!!

Coffee talk is a new exciting way for us to come together with our customers and talk over our morning cup of coffee, where we can all relax and feel heard in our smaller company setting. We want to be in touch with our customer on close intimate level. A place where long lasting friendships are built. This is where our BST world started in the first place.

So here is what is new with us &  what will forever stay the same!!!! Your orders are all handmade here in this great nation. Embroidery done all by hand, not by machine!!!! Our fabrics are all hand picked, our creations are sketched out and samples made here in our studio. Bouton is the French word for buttons for starters, so prepare yourself we are going to search high and low for vintage and unique trims and fabrics to make every piece Uniquely yours... Made for your special little princess. More regular loads, at least once a month with a turn around time of 4-6 weeks!!! Doesn't this sound exciting to you? Well we are ecstatic about all of this coming & we want you to share our excitement with your friends.

Now, for what you have all been waiting for.... A sneak into Sweet Boutons Fall collection 2016!!!! Wild wheat fields are in our dreams, beautiful cap sleeves, hand embroidery, all things vintage of course, lace, encapsulating all colors rich in fall warmth.... Can you see it coming to life? Every dress unique as Sweet Boutons only can provide you with.... Truly home grown.... We have it in our roots.

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