What makes a dance competition costume memorable?

A lot of time, practice, and energy can go into preparing for a dance competition, so you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward (no pun intended). And an important part of the process is choosing a costume!

The costume should connect to the piece and the story. It should be eye-catching and beautiful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all “Blinged” out. A beautiful modern skirt or a simple leotard can be absolutely stunning on stage, accompanied by the right music choreography and dancer.

An example of an eye-catching and beautiful costume is the Moana inspired leotard by Sweet Boutons. It is not just beautiful, but very comfortable to wear and dance in. The costume is made from soft mesh, cotton spandex, and triple rows of lace trim with double layers of lace/chiffon circle skirt.

Costumes that complement the choreography would be something that is clean and beautiful and doesn’t distract from technique and movement. Distractions would be unnecessary bows and ribbons or things of that nature just pulling your eye from the dancer.

A costume that is designed to expose or enhance the lines formed by the dancer’s body, or to express the choreographer’s artistic vision, or to engage the audience, or combinations of these, that is what makes it memorable.

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